Hechlstein #1/21


Hechlstein Summit Cross Time to play! The weather is still holding up nicely and luckily I got to enjoy the full western ridge today! Last December I turned around at a lower peak where the ridge starts but today the conditions were great and I got to tip toe all the way to the cross and back.

Thoughts on Go and abstraction


4-5 kisrhombille I enjoyed reading Martin's take on why he thinks that Go is not an easy language and some of the follow-up discussion on lobste.rs. The title lead me to expect a much more click-baity article with many opinions, strongly held. Like so many times, I was lucky and my expectations were wrong. Martin leaves room for discussion and describes his opinions in a balanced manner that I appreciate and triggered me to write down my own thoughts.

Gwendlingstein #1/21


Gwendlingstein Summit Cross Season opener! I hope 😇 Last time I made it up to Gwendlingstein was early December 2020 and I couldn't resist with the weather turning to summer-like conditions already. Running in a t-shirt didn't seem reasonable just a few days ago, but now even on the summit it felt like a warm summer day.