Thinking Tree When walking by this tree, I always wonder what a time lapse over a full year of would look like. But instead of installing a camera for a timelapse, I end up taking the occasional picture to document seasonal changes. This time it was the progress of spring, but I ended up with a picture of a tree that seems to be thinking really hard 🌳💭.

Getty Center


Getty Center Recently, I got a chance to visit the Getty Center with a good friend. We didn't plan the trip and I was mostly looking forward to a chance to chat with him. While there are decent views towards the Los Angeles area, the Center itself was most amazing to me. So we ended up chatting mostly about the Center and admiring it.



2022-02-05 Weekly Progress The last week of 2021 went quite promising for me as I managed to use the holidays to find time to get some runs in. Most weeks in 2021 were all over the place and I rarely found a rhythm to stay consistent for longer than a month. I wanted to take that momentum into 2022 and tried to set some goals.