Hechlstein - Sunset


2021-06-16 Hechlstein Summit Cross Another evening with some time to play in the mountains! The weather has been amazing the past couple of days and I got lucky to get a chance to go for a run around sunset. Hechlstein's western ridge never disappoints and even going back down is amazing as you get to enjoy the final colors of the sunset!



2021-06-04 Climbing Rock climbing has been a passion of mine for a while, but only after we moved to the Austrian Alpes was it possible for me to go rock climbing outside regularly. There are many things about rock climbing that fascinate me - the freedom to climb more peaks or walls is one of them. I've been eyeing a wall close to home for a long while now and yesterday it became reality 😁.

CV 4.0


While I don't have a copy of my first CV anymore, I'm pretty sure it was a MS Word document. I remember struggling with the layout just as much as with what content to add. Over time I learned about TeX and wrote a LaTeX version - where it was always a "joy" to install the appropriate compiler and packages, but it was easy to get elegant templates and styling didn't feel as tedious. My third stop was a website built using d3.js, where my goal was to add interactivity to better explain what happened in what order. Now it felt like I could add another stop, v4.0! 😉