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Learnings from Building and Scaling Gilt growth & innovation.

In 126 Years, English Football Has Seen 13,475 Nil-Nil Draws "a bit dull"

Distributed Consensus A.K.A. "What do we eat for lunch?" paxos by example.

The Sound So Loud That It Circled the Earth Four Times wow.

The First Story in Every Project release early!

Idiomatic Generics in Go wow.

A few examples of Lisp code typography history of s-expressions.

The Definitive Guide To Syntax Highlighting extensive list for emacs.

Shake Your Silk-Maker: The Dance of the Peacock Spider o_O

One of the most amazing feats in chess history just happened interesting read.

Edit - Home Brewed Text Editor acme + vi

Why hourly time tracking doesn't work for software

killme2008/defun pattern matching on function args via a macro.

iPhone 6 Plus Camera Review: Iceland — Austin Mann 5s vs 6p.

Aurora Substorm - Real time motion wow.