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I enjoy the concise presentation of Andy Jones' Quarantine Bread recipe, as opposed to many other recipes that are often ad-overloaded or missing a tldr; version that you can easily skim through or refer to when you don't have a lot of time at hand. This post follows his general outline and re-uses some of his links, but documents my process for making sourdough bread.

last update: 2020-05-06

ingredients: levain

weight baker's percentage
Sourdough starter 60g 100%
Lukewarm water 60g 100%
Plain wheat flour 30g 50%
Whole grain wheat flour 30g 50%

ingredients: bread

weight baker's percentage
Sourdough levain 140g 40%
Lukewarm water 190g 54%
Plain wheat flour 350g 100%
Salt 10g 2.8%


schedule: the night before (levain)

schedule: the morning of (bread)


My first sourdough starter experiments started in August 2019 and I have been working on a simple process that works for us since then. Several rabbit holes and dead ends later, we're pretty happy with the result and the benefits of making our own bread outweigh the downsides.

To get a sourdough starter, I tried to follow several guides but A Frenchman's Guide to Making Sourdough Starter worked best.

I use a simple spreadsheet to apply a factor to the ingredients, e.g. at the moment we use a factor of 1.5 on the above ingredients to produce a bread that'll last us two days. I also use the spreadsheet to keep track of the actual amounts of ingredients I use when I bake bread so that I can easily refer back to it later.

The target temperatures took a while to dial in for our oven and YMMV. Compared to most other recipes I followed, it seems that we need a lot less heat.

For ingredients, I use what's readily available in local supermarkets. In Austria, that's any organic type W700 for plain wheat and any organic whole grain wheat flour type W1800 that I can find.

We also use the sourdough for pizza, perfect loaf's recipe works best for us.

Some of the resources that I've used and keep coming back to:


The above recipe is our default, but we also have two simple different variations that include more whole grain flour and seeds:

  1. For the bread ingredients, use only 270g of plain wheat flour and add 80g of whole grain spelt flour. No other changes.

  2. Change the bread ingredients to:

weight baker's percentage
Sourdough levain 130g 39%
Lukewarm water 200g 61%
Plain wheat flour 150g 45%
Whole grain wheat flour 100g 30%
Whole grain rye/spelt/buckwheat flour 80g 24%
Salt 10g 3%

On the third stretch and fold, fold in sunflower and flax seeds.

Do a fourth stretch and fold at 9:00.


bread picture 5 bread picture 6 bread picture 9