2021-06-26 Latschur Summit Cross We enjoyed several days on camp sites in Carinthia over the past weekends and got to explore Millstätter and Weissensee. Both are great for family visits as the water is amazingly clean, especially Weissensee. Before we left I got some time to go up Latschur and enjoy a full 360 degrees of beautiful mountain ranges:

2021-06-26 360 Panorama on the summit

Most of the trail up was through a forest, so the heat was ok, but near 1600m you leave the trees behind and get a first view towards the summits, with Almspitz on the right and Latschur on the far left.

2021-06-26 View towards the summits

Shortly before the summit cross you get to cool down with a bit of snow left in late June 😉

2021-06-26 Still some snow