Rosskogel - Sunrise


2022-01-14 Rosskogel Summit After most snow had melted during the Christmas break, it took a few days for the weather gods to grace us with fresh powder again. Towards the middle of the month conditions got better and I decided to get up early one day to see if I could catch the sunrise from Rosskogel. Leaving early with a head torch is always exciting to me and the long twilight phase is nearly as rewarding as the sunrise. Luckily the winds hadn't picked up and I had to wait only a few minutes to enjoy the sunrise before skiing back down.

2022-01-14 Rosskogel Summit

I also wanted to test a Christmas present: overboots. I was very skeptical whether they'd have any effect, but I sometimes struggle with low temperatures as my feet are usually too wide for ski boots. I thought an early tour might be a good start to test them. While the car claimed -5c, it wasn't windy and I soon had to take them off as my feet got too hot. That hadn't happened before, so they definitely had a warming effect. And I definitely prefer it over no feeling in my feet. Using them was as simple as it gets and I'll have to try again on a colder or maybe more windy day.

2022-01-14 Selfie